Samsung Unveils Passbook, er, Wallet

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Samsung Wallet. It's so... PassbookSamsung showed off its latest innovation for its Android OS-based smartphone lineup on Wednesday: An app that manages movie tickets, boarding passes and more, and bears more than a striking resemblance to Apple's Passbook. The app, dubbed Wallet, even relies on barcodes instead of NFC technology, just like Apple's Passbook.

Wallet was unveiled during the Mobile World Congress event where Samsung showed off features like location-based push notifications, time-based notifications, updates when flight information changes, and real-time data for customer loyalty cards, according to The Verge.

Wallet's interface makes it easy to confuse with Apple's Passbook, and since they act in a very similar fashion, it'll probably be easy for consumers to confuse the two. Considering how much Wallet is like Passbook, it's no surprise that the comparisons between the two started practically as soon as Wallet was announced.

Apple will no doubt have top men checking out Wallet since the company has already been locked in a legal battle with Samsung over claims that its products copy iOS, iPhone and iPad designs. A U.S. Federal Jury agreed that Samsung was playing the copy game last year when it ruled that the electronics maker was infringing on a long list of Apple design patents and ultimately awarded Apple over US$1 billion in damages.

Apple's Passbook isn't the only product where Samsung's Wallet will cause confusion. Google has it's own Wallet platform for Android OS, although the Internet search giant's version relies on Near Field Communication, or NFC, for wireless payments instead of only on barcodes.

With similar icons, graphics, and features, Samsung looks like it made a blatant copy of another Apple product -- this time, Passbook -- while at the same time saying Google Wallet isn't good enough. Confusion and platform fragmentation all in one move. Well done, Samsung.

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Ye Gods, they are shameless. wink I think history will look back on this period with much amusement.


“Top men will be checking it out.”
“Yeah? Who?”
“Top. Men.”


Similar,  yes, indentical, maybe… but let’s stop acting like its a confusing situation for consumers.  Its not like iOS users are going to accidentally load up Samsung’s wallet app on their iPhones or vice versa.  These are mutually exclusive apps to their platforms.  Its not taking anything away from apple by making a similar service available to android users because let’s be honest, passbook wasn’t selling any iPhones.

Mário Pereira

Apple is like in the front with a lamp showing the path in middle of the dark… all the other ones, come right after it with tons of different kind of flashlights, pointing in all directions! :D



“Top men will be checking it out.”
“Yeah? Who?”
“Top. Men.”

I’m fairly sure Samsung’s Wallet isn’t hiding the Ark Of The Covenant.


Paul Goodwin

Sad. Samsung really could be a great company, but instead they opt to rip off everyone. Their other divisions are just as bad. Their business plan is steal, make 100s of millions, pay lawyers 10s of millions, come out ahead, and by the time the lawsuit is done, they’ve made enough money to pay damages plus make a profit. No more Samsung anything for me. Twenty years ago they were poised to become great. Today they are no more than a giant copycat with no conscience. They rip off the designs of watch companies, washers/dryers, TVs ...everything!

You buy their stuff, you’re supporting the worst kind of shameless international a$$holes.

Just Cause

It’s funny/sad, but Samsung does this in every industry, we just notice more because it’s Apple. I won’t buy any Samsung branded product (TV, frig, camera, etc.)

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