Samsung Consolidates Lawsuits in Apple Patent Battle

Samsung is looking to streamline its patent infringement battle against Apple by consolidating the lawsuits it’s managing. The smartphone and electronic device chip maker dropped its original countersuit against Apple just before the Independence Day holiday in the U.S., and rolled the claims into a more current suit that’s running concurrently to Apple’s own case.

Samsung essentially combined the two cases at the behest of the judge overseeing the complaints. The company also added four more claims to its lawsuit against Apple.

Apple v SamsungSamsung says it’s competing, not copying Apple designs

“Samsung filed a notice of voluntary dismissal of that separate lawsuit because the judge had suggested that Samsung convert it into counterclaims against Apple’s complaint, for the sake of a more efficient process,” Florian Mueller said on his Foss Patents Web site. “It’s also in Samsung’s interest to do so: this way Apple’s claims and Samsung’s counterclaims will be adjudicated at the same time.”

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a legal battle over patent infringement claims for several months. Both companies have alleged that the other’s mobile devices use patented technologies without proper licensing. Both have filed lawsuits in the U.S. and other countries.

Apple also filed a request for a preliminary injunction last week in an effort to block Samsung from importing its  Galaxy S 4G, Driod Charge, Infuse 4G and Galaxy Tab 10.1 over patent infringement claims.

Samsung’s amended complaint also claims that Apple is merely trying to block competition for its iPhone, and says the company doesn’t have any plans to stop making or selling its smartphone and tablet products.

“The Samsung Defendants admit that they have not ceased competing with Apple notwithstanding Apple’s efforts to avoid such competition,” the filing said. The Samsung defendants being Samsung’s various Korean and U.S. operations.

Apple has not commented on Samsung’s revised court filings.