Samsung Posts New Anti-Apple Fanboy Ad

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Samsung has posted another anti-Apple “Fanboys” ad, this one called “Movies and Music.” The ad pokes fun at people waiting in line for Apple’s iPhone so they can have all their music and video with them by claiming that Samsung’s Android devices have more options.

Movies and Music Frame

Frame from “Movies and Music”

While the company’s other ads should be able to earn at least a grudging chuckle from Apple fans for finding the humor in Apple’s culture of launch day waiting lines, this one might be looked at slightly more askance. The criticisms are looser, while the pro-Samsung Android claims are slightly more spurious.

Samsung “Fanboys” Ad - “Movies and Music”

For instance, when an Apple “Fanboy” proclaims that 36 hours in line is a small price to pay to keep all your movies and music, the Samsung user counters by saying that he has all his “playlists” with him, while his music streams from the cloud. That is not only an apples to oranges comparison, it implies that Apple doesn’t have a cloud solution, which simply isn’t true.

Nonetheless, Samsung is definitely remaining on the attack in its effort to beat Apple in the smartphone race. The company’s previous “Fanboys” ads include “Calling All” and “Next Big Thing.”

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

It’s funny. Not having to manage music with iTunes and having several choices for keeping music in the cloud and purchasing/enjoying music has been one of the killer features of Android phones for the past year.

And even with Sammie starting to offer its own cloud features, they don’t block users from using other solutions. When you come from the Apple world, it’s a refreshing attitude.


Where is the hot Asian woman?


”...has been one of the killer features of Android phones…”

One thing that kills Android phones for me is the reason why the Android UIs must always lag significantly more often than iOS UIs and be more jerky.

Ross Edwards

Not having to manage music with iTunes and having several choices for keeping music in the cloud

You haven’t used iTunes Match, of course.  Nothing on any other platform comes anywhere close to its ease of use and seamless cloud integration.  Yeah, there were stutters at the release as all ten million of us tried to go whole hog on their servers at the same time, but once that was over, it was smooth sailing since then.

See, until you use it, and I mean every day, you just don’t know.  I get whatever music I want, whenever I want it, on any of my devices (all of which are Apple, but whatevs).  Before you start with “But the Google cloud can do that too…” you have to understand my full meaning.  I mean I get that without doing file management.  I get that without doing any kind of uploading or whatever as I add new material.  It’s just done for me.  I get that without setting up sync lists—playlists automatically cloud share.  And if I know I’m hopping on a plane or heading out to a remote highway, one tap on a setlist’s cloud icon downloads the setlist to local so it will be ready when I lose 3G.  Match is so good it finally got me to sell my old warhorse iPod Classic that I was using as a car stereo—replacing it with a used Touch with less than a quarter of the storage space because on-device storage space has now stopped mattering.  Apple offers plenty of fine control under the hood for those who want it, but I don’t have to manage a god damned thing anymore, and it just works—seamlessly.  Nothing Google offers, does that.  There is ALWAYS some file or content management cruft in their services.  Often there is a LOT.

“Choices for keeping music in the cloud”?  Don’t make me laugh.  There are a number of bolt-on file and content management shells that, after a fashion, will allow you to listen to music from a cloud storage repository.  Amazon’s and Google’s cloud music “services” are thus.  None of them do what iTunes Match does, which is actually making your music library work in the cloud in a manner barely distinguishable from the way it has always worked on your desktop.


What gets me is that both Samstink and Apple tout the Cloud but what does it really cost in data charges to stream music from the Cloud to the “music player” ? And what happens if you don’t realise that you’re going out of range/beyond the reach of the Cloud, and you want music that doesn’t happen to be on your “music player”


Here in the land down under, the telcos charge like crazy for data over 3G/Next G (as we call it) which is why I own an iPod classic 160GB for the car so I have tunes on the move (and as a off site backup for the Address Book, iCal etc), and an iPod touch 64GB for music when I’m on foot…

The Cloud may be a wonderful thing but I want my tunes literally in my pocket/bag or hand thanks! And I hate giving money hand over fist to the greedy telco bastards.

Lee Dronick

Where is the hot Asian woman?

Well not hot per se, but certainly attractive and someone I respected, controversies not withstanding. Soong Mei-ling


All those line ups for Samsung products are so much easier to circumnavigate.


Did anyone else notice the “near invisible text caption”

“Application sequences shortened. Screen images simulated. Appearance of ???? ???? vary. Need For Speed(tm) Hot Pursuit (c) 2011 Electronic Arts Inc”

“Application sequences shortened” So it takes way longer to do something on this device then ??

“Screen images simulated” So what they simulated is nothing like what the actual user(s) will get ??

The rest of the text was either unreadable or not of interest….

Bryan Chaffin

Nice catch, furbies.


Just saw the commercial. Found it lame.

Take a Patrick Dempsey wannabe with an afro, add in Shannen Dougherty as a beatnik, and Crabman from My Name is Earl, and you have this wonderful trio (see pic above).

Word to Samsung: Fire your ad agency now. On second thought, keep right on using them.


Nice catch, furbies.

Thanks Bryan

I always try to notice what the fine print says.

It can be very illuminating, about a company’s morals & motives…....

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

furbies & Bryan… This is another thing that Samsung copied from Apple. Take a look at the latest Siri commercials, :031 mark if you’re impatient.


:031 mark if you?re impatient.

The text only says “Sequences shortened”

There’s no references to:

“Screen images simulated” or “Application sequences shortened”

Bosco, I think you’re trying a little too hard to look for faults here….

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Not at all. This has been common fare in Apple commercials for quite awhile.

A blog post from 3 years ago.

You’re the one who’s making the mountain out of the molehill.


Does anyone else think that Samsung is playing the wrong card by insulting current iPhone owners as a way to get them to buy one of Sam’s products instead?

What was that old saying?  Something about bees, and honey vs vinegar?


Wasn’t there one about “Get more with a polite word and a big stick, than just a big stick”


You?re the one who?s making the mountain out of the molehill.


Why do you always look for ways to denigrate, dismiss, put down or rubbish anything Apple ?

Seriously ! Sigmund Freud would have a field day with you on the couch…

We now return to the scheduled programming….

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

I don’t have to look. I mostly just sit here and note when the fans get self-righteous. At that point, there is a 100% chance that Apple does the same crap, but worse than what the Apple fanboys are complaining about competitors. Call it Bosco’s Corollary. The operative law is that Apple makes shiny, overpriced proprietary crap and doesn’t play well with others.

Lee Dronick

I don’t that current iPhone users are their target. They are probably trying to catch those who do not yet a smart phone.


furbies, many choose to pinch the nose when there is a stench about.

Lee, you are correct. The intelligent chooser is not their target. The pocket challenged, the easily swayed; easy pickings, poor souls. I know a few.


The operative law is that Apple makes shiny, overpriced proprietary crap and doesn?t play well with others


Perhaps there are those of us who are prepared to pay a premium for a well designed and well constructed & well integrated “device(s)”

Let’s face it, Apple does create amazing tech “that just works”
Proof: All the other companies that (poorly) emulate what Apple has created.

I promise not to taunt the trolls…......
I promise not to taunt the trolls…......
I promise not to taunt the trolls…......
I promise not to taunt the trolls…......
I promise not to taunt the trolls…......


I promise not to taunt the trolls?......
I promise not to taunt the trolls?......
I promise not to taunt the trolls?......
I promise not to taunt the trolls?......
I promise not to taunt the trolls?......

If promises were kept, trolls would fade away.


I also think they’re hoping to bait people who haven’t a clue, but as someone that does have a clue, why on earth would I choose the phone with the lame disclaimer? Seriously.

I’ve been a tad tetchy about Apple myself of late, but I also haven’t seen anything quite as easy to use as match, either. Having something available in the cloud (buzz word of the decade) is not the same as having it in the cloud and being able to access it smoothly, easily, and seamlessly. I have had exactly zero hiccups with iOS devices thus far, though granted, I’m an experienced user, not a non-techie just looking for a cool phone.


The operative law is that Apple makes shiny, overpriced proprietary crap and doesn?t play well with others.

Bosco, Bosco, what will we do with you?
Shiny? Yes.
Overpriced? My iPhone is “free” ... with $1700 cellular contract. ;-(
Proprietary? Yes, Apple is a “whole widget” company.
Crap? The iPhone is many things, but “crap” is not one of them.
Doesn’t play well with others? Works fine with Windows and Mac, but Linux support isn’t great admittedly. As far as media and services are concerned, however, Kindle/Spotify/Pandora/Gmail/Skype/Facebook/Twitter/Netflix/Hulu/etc. all seem to work just fine on the iPhone.


Far too often I read comments on the internet and elsewhere that seem focused on trying to damage the happiness that some of us derive from cool technology. “(What a fool you must be, since you bought) useless junk at a ridiculously excessive price!” they cry.

For example, one of my favorite musical instruments is the DSI Prophet ‘08 synthesizer. Internet critics say that it’s overpriced crap compared to cheap digital plug-ins and virtual analog synths of the 2000s, or that it sucks because it doesn’t sound like instruments from the 1970s. They’re wrong - it’s a modern classic, it sounds beautiful, it has real knobs, and it’s inspiring.

I feel the same way about the iPad. Internet critics say it’s an overpriced toy because it’s neither a hardware analog synth nor a full-fledged digital audio workstation. They’re missing the point - the iPad’s software synths like Animoog, Sunrizer and iMS-20 sound great, even if they’re digital, and GarageBand is absolutely awesome with multitouch. And what’s so bad about toys anyway? Toys are fun! wink In any case, the iPad is a fantastic musical instrument. I’ve heard it can do other, non-musical things too, but who cares when it’s so great for music?

Anyway, although they’re rather different instruments, they are both great sources of musical happiness for me - and that’s what matters most. So I say: enjoy your favorite technological gadgets (and toys), and don’t let anyone on the internet spoil your fun!


Why is this always showing up as “Anti” iphone, Apple what ever? Do we need to post “Anti” with the apple adds that attack everything? Atack any other device and PC?
Come one the bias in the Apple world is overwhelming and doing nothing but growing the Anti Apple fans more

I have several Iphones and other APple products but as newer products are being developed and are solid, do you really want to alienate more away from Apple?

I know I think about it.


Bosco, Bosco, what will we do with you?

Well, good news is that he has stopped with his infamous “in about a year” predictions now that someone has actually started to hold him responsible for them.  Easy to stand on a chair and predict until someone threatens to remind you later about what you are predicting…  Reminds me of the preachers who predict the end of the world down to the day - and then are nowhere to be found the day after…

More than 1 in 4 smartphones sold is still an iPhone.  The majority of tablets sold is still the iPad.  Lions share of the industry profits goes to Apple.  Which makes comments like “Apple makes shiny, overpriced proprietary crap and doesn?t play well with others” fall flat on its face.  If this were true, why isn’t the iPhone below 10% as was predicted a year ago?  Why isn’t the iPad at 40% as was predicted a year ago?  Why aren’t people running screaming from the walled garden?  Boy, someone sure was wrong!!

Oh, and by the way, there is nothing wrong in the business world with not playing well with others when you are popular and powerful enough to not have to. May piss some people off, but it’s called power and they should just deal with it.

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