Samsung Releases Apple Survey: Why Users Chose Android Over iOS

A new internal Apple document made public Monday in its ongoing patent fight with Samsung shows that the number one reason mobile phone customers chose Android over iOS was in order to stay with their current carrier, CNET reports. The document, created internally by Apple in January 2011, was introduced by Samsung as evidence during the patent fight taking place in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

The Apple study, covering only the U.S. mobile market, surveyed 89 customers in 2010 who bought an Android-based device after considering an iPhone. 48 percent of those surveyed listed a desire to “stay with [their] current wireless service provider” as a reason for choosing Android over iOS while 36 percent “trusted the Google brand.”

Apple Internal Study Android vs iOSApple’s Internal Survey of Customers Who Chose Android Over iOS (via CNET)

Other factors influencing consumers’ choice of Android over iOS: 30 percent wanted a larger screen, 27 percent preferred the Android Marketplace for apps, 26 percent wanted better integration with Google services, 26 percent wanted “the latest and greatest” smartphone, 25 percent wanted turn-by-turn GPS navigation, and 25 percent wanted “the latest technology” (which seems repetitive to us compared to the earlier response).

Samsung introduced the evidence to counter Apple’s claim that Samsung smartphone purchasers were simply confused by the Korean company’s allegedly infringing designs and thought they were buying Apple products. Of course, the study references Android phones, and not merely Samsung phones but, as the leading manufacturer of Android devices, Samsung obviously hopes the study will work to support their defense.

Of note, Apple has responded to many of the survey’s points with changes to its hardware and software: the company introduced turn-by-turn GPS navigation in iOS 6 and is widely expected to feature a larger 4-inch display on the next generation ‘iPhone 5.’ It has also rapidly expanded iPhone availability to nearly all major domestic carriers and many regional carriers as well.

Apple concluded its witness phase of the patent infringement trial Monday. Samsung will now have its chance to introduce additional witnesses and evidence in its favor over the coming week or two.