Samsung to Announce Galaxy Tab, an Android-Based Tablet

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Samsung is ready to enter Apple’s iPad-controlled waters with a new tablet it will reportedly call Galaxy Tab after its (relatively) successful Galaxy S smartphone. Samsung intends to officially unveil the long-rumored device at a media event on August 11th.

Galaxy Tab will reportedly be released initially as a 7-inch tablet, smaller than Apple’s iPad, though additional sizes may also be coming later in the year. The display will be an AMOLED (active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) touch-screen display, and it will be powered by a Samsung-built 1.2GHz Hummingbird processor.

International Business Times reported that like the Galaxy S smartphone, Galaxy Tab will run Android 2.2 — known as Froyo — and will use Samsung’s Touch Wiz UI for its interface. It will feature two cameras, 16GB of internal storage, a MicroSD slot for expanded storage, and it may have WiFi.

Galaxy S sold close to a million units in its first week of availability, making it one of the top Android devices on the market. Samsung is hoping to leverage that success with its foray into the tablet market.

Galaxy S Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S Smartphone

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Lee Dronick

I generally like Samsung products. I had several Samsung cell phones prior to my iPhone. I found them to be quite robust, if not a bit dumb. Great for making phone calls, but little else which is probably no different from phones of that era.

The refrigerator we have is Samsung and we are quite pleased with it; It has two compressors, one for the chill side and one for the freezer. it has a nice digital display showing the internal temperatures. Plenty of interior lighting which I assume turns off when the door is shut.


Will the Galaxy Tab have 2 compressors also? That’s 2 more than Apple EVER had.

My Samsung laser printer (ML-2010) has no compressors, that’s why it’s always so hot! (It was a $40 doorbuster special at CompUSA! It’s on it’s 3rd toner cartridge and seems to be doing quite well for the most basic of printers.)

Oh, the article? Yes, well it sounds pretty cool. I wonder the end user price? mobile data (3G?) Hulu?

Lee Dronick

Don’t discount the advantage of two compressors in a fridge/freezer combo. The thermostats are super easy to set and keep fairly constant temperature.

Kamal Hussain

Today Samsung has launched it eagerly waited GALAXY Tab Tablet also known as (MID) Mobile Internet Device.

The GALAXY Tab Tablet look PC looks very interesting and fascinating; it?s definitely a strong challenger to the Apple iPad.

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