Samsung Wins Temporary Stay in Galaxy Nexus Injunction

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Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus smartphone is back on sale in the United States following a Court of Appeals ruling granting the company a temporary stay while awaiting a Federal Court ruling to decide whether or not the injunction should be in place during the company’s appeal. Apple won the injunction as part of its legal battle with Samsung over mobile device patent infringement claims.

Apple's Galaxy Nexus ban has been lifted... for now.Apple’s Galaxy Nexus ban has been lifted… for now.

“The temporary stay allows Samsung to minimize the disruption that the injunction causes,” said Florian Muller of Foss Patents. “Google had announced a software change to avoid further infringement, but it will likely take time to build new devices that come with non-infringing operating software.”

The two companies have been fighting in courts around the world over allegations that they are infringing on each other’s mobile device patents. Most recently, Apple was granted a temporary injunction blocking the sale of the Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in the United States, along with the Galaxy Nexus smartphone injunction that Samsung has, at least for the moment, managed to stop.

Apple has until July 12 to respond to the Court of Appeals ruling, after which the Court will decide whether or not the stay remains in effect during Samsung’s overall appeal process. Assuming the Court decides to lift the stay, the Galaxy Nexus will be pulled from store shelves yet again.



Is the info not available or have we given up discussing the actual contended patent violations behind these cases because they are all so silly? 

Hasn’t it already been established by one of these genius judges that any black rectangle with a touch screen and some type of halfway decent OS does harm to apple’s ability to do business?

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

This injunction was granted over unified search, providing results from both the net and the phone itself. Judge Koh took a sharply different approach to sorting out the IP issues here than Judge Posner did with Apple and Motorola. Posner basically feels that injunctive relief based on features is silly, and that Apple should seek to license its IP, while Koh granted it before a trial.

And of course, the d?mlaut (Florian) has no clue what Google is doing to actually resolve this, which is to upgrade the phones to Jelly Bean consistent with their JB rollout plan.


Samsung tablet not “cool” says UK Judge

An interesting perspective from a UK Judge.

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