Samsung's Appeal in Apple Patent Win goes to Court

Samsung's appeal in a high profile mobile device patent infringement case where Apple was awarded over US$900 million in damages goes to court today. Apple accused Samsung of "shameless copying," while Samsung claimed it developed its smartphone and tablet designs independently of the iPhone and iPad.

Samsung's patent infringement appeal goes to court todaySamsung's patent infringement appeal goes to court today

Samsung is going into the case with "friend of the court" filings supporting its position, including on from 27 law professors, according to Re/code. Apple is showing up with briefs from big name companies such as Oakley, Kohler, and Novo Nordisk supporting strong patent protections.

Apple accused Samsung of infringing on several mobile device patents it owns with its Android-based smartphones and tablets. Samsung accused Apple of the same, but the federal court didn't buy any of the company's arguments.

The jury also ruled that Apple didn't infringe on any of Samsungs patents, adding salt to Samsung's wounds. The company did, however, vow to appeal the ruling, bringing us to today's court date.

Samsung doesn't seem to be contesting the validity of Apple's patents in its appeal, but instead is focusing on whether or not it should've been found to be infringing. The electronics maker will also argue that the damages Apple was awarded were excessive.

For Apple, the case is about defending its intellectual property. For Samsung, this fits with its ongoing track record of copying competitors, then dragging out the legal process when it gets sued for patent infringement.

This isn't the only case putting Apple in a court room today. The company is also dealing with an antitrust class action lawsuit over old claims that it unfairly locked competitors out of the iPod to keep other media players and music services out of the market.

Apple isn't commenting publicly about today's proceedings with Samsung.