Samsung’s Latest Innovation: 3D Touch

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Samsung is adding a new and innovative feature to its top of the line smartphones set to launch in the spring: pressure sensitive touch, or as Apple calls it, "3D Touch." Much like the feature works on the iPhone, Samsung's pressure sensitive touch will add new ways to view interface elements based on how firmly users press on their smartphone's display.

Samsung copies, er,  innovates again with pressure sensitive touchSamsung copies innovates again with pressure sensitive touch

Insider sources said the electronics maker is expected to officially announce the new feature for its Galaxy smartphones during the Mobile World Congress expo in February with plans for a March rollout, according the Wall Street Journal. They may include a fast charging systems and retina scanners in their new models, too.

While it's possible Samsung came up with the idea to use touch pressure as a smartphone interface element independently of Apple, it does seem a little suspicious that the feature fits in with the company's track record where it seems to continuously follow Apple's lead. Samsung changed its smartphone designs and user interface after the iPhone was first introduced, and has been matching iPhone and iPad features ever since.

The two companies have faced off in court several times over patent infringement accusations, and Samsung just asked the U.S. Supreme Court to toss out a verdict in Apple's favor saying, "If the current legal precedent stands, it could diminish innovation, stifle competition, pave the way for design patent troll litigation and negatively impact the economy and consumers."

Samsung hasn't officially confirmed pressure sensitivity is coming to its smartphones, but if it does expect to see plenty of complaints about how the company copies Apple and proclamations that this is simply the natural progression for mobile device interfaces.

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Samsung says they came up with their iPhone-like smartphone designs by looking at a bowl of water. Maybe they stared at a squishy ball to find the inspiration for their pressure sensitive touch interface.

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Truly amazing.

Cue you-know-who to begin to tell us how Apple doesn’t innovate. Hmm, Apple must have stolen 3D touch from Samdung but just rushed it to market faster than Samdung did. Fascinating…


How many of these ‘coincidences’ are there now? Just flat out unbelievable.


Jamie, I posted a link on the “Apple’s Stock Pressured by iPhone Concerns” article that stops after #20 Siri - but there are many more that are not included.

Paul Goodwin

They’ll call it 3-D Touch and say it’s different than 3D touch.


Of course it’s different, Paul.  And better!  The hyphen is a major innovation that improves the user experience.

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