Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Out of Australia Until at Least Sept 30

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Samsung had hoped to launch a modified version of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet in Australia in mid-September, but on Monday agreed to wait until at least September 30 in an agreement with the court. The agreement came as part of the company’s ongoing patent legal battle with Apple over similarities with the iPad.

Galaxy Tab Australia launch delayed againGalaxy Tab Australia launch delayed again

Apple and Samsung are set to appear in court in September 26 and 29 to argue their cases, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. Apple will be presenting evidence it hopes will convince the Australian court to impose an injunction to block Samsung from selling or advertising its tablet device in the country, while Samsung will argue that it isn’t violating any of Apple’s patents.

Apple and Samsung have been locked in a legal battle over mobile device-related patent infringement claims for several months. Both companies have alleged that the other’s mobile devices use patented technologies without proper licensing. In addition to their U.S. lawsuit, both have filed similar claims in other countries, too.

Samsung has provided Apple with samples of the Galaxy Tab variant it planned to start selling in Australia, but the iPad maker said the modified version still infringes on its patents.

This latest agreement is bad news for Samsung since it still can’t ship the Galaxy Tab in Australia, and it faces the possibility that the court will side with Apple and continue to block the product.

Samsung is also facing a ban in Europe thanks to rulings in German and Dutch courts. So far, Samsung hasn’t been hit with an injunction in the U.S.

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Your golden scales of Justice icon for this article show the two rival pad-makers weighing equally, when measured by the position of the needle, but with Samsung hanging lower than Apple, when measured by the position of the two hanging weighing cups (because when this icon was edited, the chains from which Samsung’s weighing cup hangs needed to be lengthened relative to Apple’s to accomodate the Samsung nameplate’s greater size).

Given that Apple’s hanging weighing cup needs to be redrawn to correct that misimpression, anyway, and also given that Apple’s cup is missing its (essential) third chain, would it be too big a job to fix both errors by lengthening Apple’s existing chains equivalently & adding its missing third chain?

Or else, shrink the Samsung nameplate to the same height as Apple’s (plus, adding Apple’s missing third chain)?

I know, “GET A LIFE, BurmaYank!”  (OK, touch?.)


You have a good eye, BurmaYank.

We all need some more sleep over this issue. Just finished Roughlydrafted article and am in mean mode.


To Samsung:

“And stay out!”

(I live in Oz…...)

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