ExactScan 2 Adds OCR Engine, Barcode Recognition

ExactCODE GmbH today released ExactScan 2 on Friday. This utility is an update to their scanning software for Mac OS X that adds an OCR engine and barcode recognition.

Exact Scan 2 also includes the following features:

  • Auto-crop to the actual paper dimensions
  • De-skew to automatically correct page skew
  • Intelligent thresholding to black and white documents to decrease storage space
  • Automatic blank page detection
  • Scan 2 Print
  • Rotation option for book scanning

Additionally, ExactScan 2 allows users to define multiple profiles to create presets of different scan tasks and settings. ExactScan 2 Professional includes drivers for more than 170 different document scanners.

ExactScan 2 Pro is available at the company’s Web site for Euro 109. The standard version of ExactScan 2 is priced at Euro 89.