Sci-Fi MMORPG Vendetta Online Adds Multi-Player Ships, More

Guild Software has detailed the changes made to its science-fiction MMORPG Vendetta Online in recent months. Improvements include the ability of larger starcraft to take on multiple players who can control their onboard turrets, dynamic sector conquest similar to EVE Online, the loss of friendly fire restrictions in neutral space, and a reworked new player experience.

The developer also noted some changes that are still in progress, including modifications to trade routes, a redefinition of asteroid densities to change the dynamics of resource gathering, event registration, improvements to the faction system, player-owned stations and capital ships, and tweaks to piracy in neutral space.

Vendetta Online is a free download. The game costs US$9.99 per month to play, with discounts available for bulk purchases. Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows are supported.