Scosche Announces freeKEY Bluetooth Keyboard for iPhone/iPad

| Product News

Scosche announced Thursday freeKEY, a water resistant Bluetooth keyboard for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch, as well as Android devices, Macs, and Windows. The surface of the rechargeable keyboard is made from silicone and can be rolled up for toting around.

The device will automatically re-pair with any device or computer it has been paired with when turned on, and it comes with a retractable USB-to-Micro USB cable for charging.

The freeKEY keyboard is priced at US$59.95.

A demonstration video from Scosche posted to YouTube

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This appears identical to the Menotek Flexible Bluetooth Keyboard which currently sells for $32.98 on Amazon, except the Menotek also comes with a USB bluetooth adapter. It has a 3-star average out of 89 ratings.


DHP ~ It does look to be identical.  Right down to the design of the roll-up USB cable.  Very odd.

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