Scrivener Updated to Support Yosemite

The binary code love of my life—Scrivener—was updated to version 2.6 Thursday morning. The update includes support for OS X 10.10 Yosemite, which Apple is expected to either release later on Thursday during a media event, or announce a release date.

Scrivener is the premier writing environment for the Mac, and it's aimed at novelists, screenwriters, playwrights, and researchers. The release includes a ton of general bug fixes, as well as a couple of new features specific to Yosemite.

Literature and Latte also included a new import/export option relating to which version of Java gets used, removed Draft, Research, and Trash folder results from searches,and changed the way items dragged to the Binder are viewed.

Lastly, the company said that a 64-bit version of Scrivener was coming in the future. Until that time, Twitter and Facebook sharing services won't be available in Scrivener in Yosemite.

The full patch notes:

Scrivener 2.6 Change List

Refinements and Changes


  • Various UI tweaks and fixes for Yosemite compatibility.
  • Clicking the green traffic light full-screen button on Yosemite enters full screen mode; Opt-clicking it uses the pre-10.10 behaviour of fitting the window to its content.


  • Added option to Import/Export Preferences to determine whether Scrivener should use the bundled version of Java or the one installed on the system for converting Word and OpenOffice documents (to work around rare Java-based issues).
  • Root folders (Draft, Research and Trash) are no longer ever returned in search results (which could result in odd behaviour).
  • URLs dragged and dropped into the binder now use the file name for the linked text rather than the file URL.


Bugs Fixed

Major (Stability)

  • Yosemite: Fixed bug whereby Scrivener would crash if smart quotes or spelling correction were triggered in scrivenings mode.
  • Yosemite: Fixed bug whereby entering a target into the Project Targets panel could cause a crash.
  • Fixed bug that could cause a hang and crash when editing scaled comments.
  • Fixed bug whereby changes triggered by “Append Synopses to Main Text” did not get saved.
  • Fixed bug whereby edits to project notes wouldn’t be saved if they were edited in the Composition mode inspector.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when using search RegEx terms if the content being searched was empty.
  • Hopefully fixed a bug that could cause an internal error to be thrown during save if the internal data store of the outliner was called upon while being released from memory.

Minor (Usability)

  • Fixed bug whereby the wrong footer could be used in front matter when exporting to RTF if “No header on first page and pages following page breaks” was ticked in Compile.
  • Hopefully fixed bug whereby spell-checking would not work if the editor was loaded in page view mode when the project was opened.
  • Fixed bug that could cause project word count to be reported wrong in the project targets panel if the project had been open a few days.
  • Fixed bugs affecting “Exclude from Automatic Backups” (the tick mark was never shown in 2.5, and if “Exclude…” had been turned on for a project prior to 2.5, there was no way to turn it off again in 2.5 without manually editing the project’s internal ui.plist file).
  • Fixed a bug whereby an inspector comment at the end of a section could cause separating whitespace to be omitted.
  • Fixed bug whereby tables did not get converted to images properly when compiling to e-book formats on Retina displays.
  • Fixed bug whereby .links files would not be deleted from the project package when non-text documents were deleted.
  • Fixed bug whereby the “System Text Preferences…” button in the “Corrections” pane of the Preferences did not open the correct pane of the System Preferences on Mavericks because of changes in 10.9 and above.
  • Fixed bug whereby script formatting CSS could be wrong when exported to e-book formats if two script elements shared the same paragraph formatting when tabs weren’t taken into consideration.
  • Fixed bug whereby Move Right could be used to move non-text documents into the Draft.
  • Fixed a bug whereby search results collections wouldn’t always filter properly in Compile.
  • Fixed bug whereby resampling images for e-book export would cause the images to lose their alignment and other formatting.
  • Fixed bug whereby monospace fonts wouldn’t be output in Kindle files for text using the standard font size of the document.
  • Fixed bug whereby <div> wasn’t terminated in compiled HTML documents with centred contents.
  • Fixed bug whether delimiters for auto-complete in scriptwriting would cause text to get added to the auto-complete list up to the final delimiter in the line rather than the first one.
  • Fixed bug whereby Go To > Editor Selection wouldn’t work with non-text items.
  • Fixed bug whereby Import and Split wouldn’t work correctly on FDX files in languages other than English.
  • Changed the way margins are written out in CSS for the .epub format to work around a rendering bug on some recent Nook devices.
  • Fixed bug whereby changing paragraph formatting of the default screenplay settings might not cause text to be updated when asked to convert.
  • When exporting to .epub, if the option to include an Adobe Digital Editions page template is ticked, all span elements containing tab characters are removed from the HTML because these elements cause rendering issues in ADE-based e-readers.
  • Fixed Compile bug whereby comments and footnotes associated with struck-through text would not be deleted when struck-through text was set to be deleted, which could lead to clashes between comments and some appearing in the wrong place in the compiled document.
  • Fixed bug whereby drags from snapshots to the editor header wouldn’t work when the inspector was in the full screen slide-in panel.
  • Hopefully fixed a minor bug that could cause scrolling to the top of scrivenings not to work properly when using the binder to navigate a locked editor.
  • Fixed bug in tabs and indents panel whereby the tabs and indents wouldn’t get applied to empty paragraphs and would not work in an empty document.
  • Fixed bug whereby increase/decrease indent functions would not work on an empty line at the end of the text.
  • Fixed bug whereby RTF bookmarks would not work if the first item in the section was an image.
  • Fixed bug whereby add comment and footnote buttons in the Inspector were disabled in page view when the selection was not in the first page.


  • Yosemite: Fixed bug with colour palettes in format bar which created a large grey area.

NOTE: Because of changes in Yosemite, the Twitter and Facebook sharing services that were previously available in Scrivener will no longer be available when Scrivener is running on 10.10. These features are no longer available to 32-bit applications, and so will be restored in Scrivener when Scrivener goes 64-bit in a future version.