Second Taiwan Newspaper Reports 7” iPad Coming

Economic Daily News, another Taiwan-based newspaper, is reporting that Apple will be releasing a 7” iPad, adding to reports of such a device that began in earnest with Taiwan daily DigiTimes earlier this month. ECD reported Tuesday that Apple was prepping a smaller version of the iPad for release as early as the end of 2010.

In the report, ECD said that the new device would weigh about 500 grams, less than the 700 grams of the current device. Whereas DigiTimes said the new iPad model would sport an OLED display, ECD reported the device would use the same IPS display used in the current iPad.

The report named two manufacturers that have won contracts to supply components for the iPad, Compal Electronics will assemble the device, while Chimei Innolux will supply the 7” IPS display. Cando Corporation will reportedly supply the touch screen technology.

Apple is notorious for its product secrecy, and the company has not announced a new iPad model. The current model went on sale in April of this year, and a product rev before the end of 2010 would be at odds with the (roughly) yearly update cycle the company has employed with the iPhone, and before that with most iPod models.

On the other hand, the company has faced a number of leaks coming out of Taiwan, with both the iPad and the last two iPhone models the subject of unprecedented levels of leaks. While some of those leaks were the result of a prototype that was lost by an Apple engineer, many other details had already leaked from Apple’s Taiwan-based suppliers.