Secret of the Lost Cavern Episode 2 Continues the Prehistoric Adventure on iPhone

Coladia has released episode two of Secret of the Lost Cavern for iPhone, the portable version of its prehistoric puzzle adventure game that was originally released for Mac and PC. Set 15,000 years BC, the story features Arok, a hunter who finds strange symbols on a cave wall and sets out to find the mysterious traveler who had previously introduced him to the wonders of painting.

Episode two continues Arok’s search as players hunt, fish, cut stones, paint animated frescoes and take part in the ceremonies that will make them members of the Lascaux Cave artist tribe. The game is based on France’s real Lascaux Cave, where some of the most interesting prehistoric drawings ever found can still be viewed today.

Coladia said that episode three of Secret of the Lost Cavern will be released on Jan. 21.

The latest release in the story is available now for the introductory price of US$0.99. Standard pricing will be $1.99. iPhone OS 3.0 is required.