Sensorwake Demonstrates Olfactory Alarm Clock


LAS VEGAS — Sensorwake was demonstrating their olfactory alarm clock at this week’s CES Unveiled 2016 event. Instead of beeping or buzzing this device takes an alternative approach and uses smell, one of our most powerful senses, to wake you up, or simple alert you to an event.

Sensormate Olfactory Alarm Clock

The unit consists of the device, a power supply and, of course, a scent pack. The scents are created by Givaudan, a global leader in the fragrance Industry. The device comes with a Toast capsule, and there are currently six other scents which come in packs of two. The Continental Breakfast Pack has Espresso and Hot Croissant, the Enjoy the Break Pack has Seaside and Lush Jungle, and the Vitalization Aromatherapy comes with Chocolate and Invigorating Pepper Mint. Each capsule will provide 30 awakenings.

Sensorwake is available for pre-order now for US$109. Using a special CES2016 coupon code will bring the price down to US$89 until January 10th, 2016. Pre-orders will ship in June 2016.

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That’s cool but I don’t see these pleasant aromas waking me up. Maybe generating good dreams but not getting me going on a cold dark January morning.


Now if they had a Last Weeks Ling Cod in August module it might get me going.


If they had a bacon smell, then I would be absolutely sold on this. Then I wouldn’t run the risk of burning my foot on my George Foreman grille every morning! :D

John F. Braun

I made the exact same comment regarding their sad lack of a bacon scent.  If they had this I think it’d sell like, um, bacon!

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