Server Admin Tools 10.6.2 Fixes DHCP Status Reporting, More

Apple released Server Admin Tools 10.6.2 late on Thursday. The update for the Mac OS X Server administration utilities corrected a problem where DHCP status was incorrectly reported.

The update added Netboot and Netinstall support for the October 2009 iMac and Mac mini models, enforces LOM password lengths in Server Assistant, corrected a problem that prevented the use of period characters in short user names, and added the ability to connect to Mac OS X Server 10.5 Xgrid controllers. It also includes the latest releases of iCal Server Utility, Podcast Composer, Server Admin, Server Monitor, Server Preferences, System Image Utility, Workgroup Manager and Xgrid Admin.

Server Admin Tools 10.6.2 requires Mac OS X 10.6.2 Server. It is available as a free download via the Software Update application, or as a stand alone installer at the Apple Support Web site.