Sharp Axes Galapagos Tablet Models, Focuses on Japan

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Sharp’s Galapagos tablet line seems to be on the losing end of the survival of the fittest rule with the company dropping two of the tablet’s three sizes, and scaling the third back to just Japan distribution. The electronics maker launched its Android-based Galapagos tablets in December 2010, but hasn’t been able to gain market traction.

RIP, GalapagosSharp’s Galapagos: Almost extinct

Sharp plans to discontinue its 5.5-inch and 10.8-inch Galapagos tablets on September 30, but will continue to sell the 7-inch model in Japan, according to the Wall Street Journal.

The company had hoped its tablets would pose a threat to Apple’s market dominance with the iPad, but consumers failed to find the devices compelling enough to sway them away from Apple’s offerings.

Sharp isn’t the only company having trouble competing with the iPad. HP recently threw in the towel and discontinued its TouchPad tablet after only 49 days on the market, and RIM still can’t gain any traction with its PlayBook.

For now, at least, it looks like Apple’s iPad will remain the Tablet Rex.

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Lee Dronick

“Sharp Axes Galapagos Tablet Models, Focuses on Japan”

After destroying the Galapagos, the Sharp giant is attacking Nippon with a tablet hatchet! smile


For some reason all I can hear is John Deacon’s base line from “Another One Bites the Dust” right now.

Freddie rules!


Sharp should just focus on making screens for iPads as well as its traditional television market (where it excells).


The name of the product says it all… isolated ... island…
Sharp’s target market is an isolated one on an island nation.


?Sharp Axes Galapagos Tablet Models, Focuses on Japan?

After destroying the Galapagos, the Sharp giant is attacking Nippon with a tablet hatchet!

Beware Flashman San, beware of the monster! It destroy all in it’s path!

On a different note: Regarding the arguments for different size displays on tablet devices being a selling point ? 5.5” DOA, 10.8 DOA.


The Galapagos were studied by Darwin, not so much for their extinction events, but for the proliferation of the diversity of life, evolution.

The only thing that appears to be evolving on Sharp’s Galapagos is the unpleasant realisation that this tablet lacks a competitive edge and may soon be leaving the tech gene pool, en toto.

In fact, had Sharp taken a page out from ‘On the Origin of Species’, it might have been that life starts simply with a single, common species that demonstrates fitness by carving a niche, usually through competition - which indicates that it has something its competition does not. Having secured a beach head in life, only then does it begin to diversify into other forms, which if they are to survive, must demonstrate their fitness, competitively, in yet new niches. Often these forays are unsuccessful, and even if not, hopefully the original species continues to thrive and waits for another opportunity to branch out.

The idea of having ‘many offspring’ (or in this case, tablets) confuses the competitive strategy of a single species to out-spawn its enemies’ appetites, with attempting to diversify too early, before even the original species has demonstrated its fitness. The market hath much to learn from nature. Alas.

Though it’s not over yet, the fate of Sharp’s tablet may look less like that of the prolific finches of the tablet’s namesake, and more like that of a bird from Mauritius, the dodo.

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