Sharp to Ship New iPhone Screens in August

Sharp president Takashi Okuda told journalists on Thursday that his company will start shipping screens for the next iPhone model in August, adding fuel to the rumors that the next version of Apple’s combination iPod and smartphone will ship in time for the holiday buying season.

Mr. Okuda didn’t offer up any other details, like what size the screens will be, or exactly when Apple plans to ship its next phone model, according to Reuters.

Sharps says it's shipping new iPhone displays this monthSharps says it’s shipping new iPhone displays this month

Reports surfaced earlier this week claiming Apple is planning a media event on September 12 to introduce the new iPhone model, and that it will be shipping on September 21. Usually seen as a sign of confirmation, The Loop’s Jim Dalrymple backed up the rumor with his usual “yep.”

Reuters claimed its sources said the next iPhone will sport a 4-inch display, which is about 30 percent larger than the current iPhone’s screen. The new display is also said to be thinner thanks to embedded touch sensors.

Apple hasn’t officially announced the next iPhone model, or even invited journalists to a media event yet, but with statements like Mr. Okuda’s, it seems very likely we’ll have new iPhones in stores by October.