Shazam Song Recognition Comes to the Mac

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The iPhone music identification app Shazam is getting a little less mobile, but in a good way. A new version for OS X was released on Thursday that offers the same discovery features as its iPhone counterpart, but designed to live in your Mac's menu bar.

Shazam comes to the MacShazam comes to the Mac

Shazam for the Mac runs in the background and is always listening for songs to identify for you, builds playlists based on the songs it finds, offers fast access to song lyrics, links to the iTunes Store so you can buy the songs you hear, and more.

Shazam for the Mac is free and available for download from Apple's Mac App Store. It requires OS X Mavericks or newer.

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Not having to scramble for your iPhone in a coffee shop to Shazam a song that's playing sounds pretty cool.

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It’s good to see more iOS-centric apps migrating to OS X.  Shazam is a perfect example of how I often find that I can’t do something that’s a cinch to do on iOS on OSX without either a lot of work or just resorting to my iOS device.

Now if the Shazam OS X applet’s me see my tags from my Shazam iOS app, then I’ll be one happy camper.  Apple is thinking more cloud integration between iOS and OS X but a lot of 3rd party developers are not, understandably so because many developers started writing iOS apps who had never even considered writing an OS X app before.

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