Sheriff Says Death of Man in Apple HQ 'Isolated,' that No One Else Is at Risk

The Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office said on Wednesday afternoon that the death of a man inside Apple's Infinite Loop headquarters earlier in the day was an "isolated incident," and that no one else is at risk. The statement from the Sheriff puts to rest worries of a broader situation at Apple.

The story began with reports of a body found in a conference room with a gun, as well as reports of a woman who was escorted out of the building with a wound to her head. No one has been identified, and the Sheriff's Office refused to confirm any specifics about the situation.

"They found one individual male down and that he was deceased," spokesperson Sgt. Andrea Urena (shown below) said, according to The San Jose Mercury News. "Through further investigation they determined that there were no other individuals involved and they believe it was an isolated incident, and that there's nobody else on the campus or in the public that is at risk."

Andrés Brender, a reporter with Telemundo 48 SF Bay Area tweeted a photo of the Sgt. Urena speaking on the subject:

Because the story took place at Apple—and likely involved Apple employees—it's safe to assume media scrutiny will remain focused on the story until most or all of the details are known.