Shion 2.0 Adds Support for X10 Home Automation

Audacious Software announced the release of Shion 2.0 on Monday, an update to the home automation solution for Mac OS X. The update adds support for the X10 standard, as well as other new features and improvements.Shion puts control of the home in the user's hands by allowing them to monitor and control lamps, appliances, and other devices using their Mac.

The new version adds the following features and improvements:

  • Adds X10 support (Shion 1 only supported INSTEON)
  • Adds support for INSTEON thermostat modules
  • Adds support for the CM11A and CM15A X10 serial controllers
  • Vastly improved device communication (responsiveness & reliability)
  • Includes an event system for binding snapshots (saved settings) to a variety of external events (changes in temperature, sunrise & sunset, prescheduled times, etc.)
  • Provides for shared control using other instances of Shion on the local area network

Shion 2 also allows new home automation users to try the program for free for users with three or fewer devices. If the collection of home automation hardware devices grows beyond the three device limit, users may unlock full support for all of their devices for US$35.00.

Shion 2.0 Screen Shot