Shoppers Turn Out Early for iPhone 3G S Launch

Shoppers hoping to be among the first to get their hands on Apple's new iPhone 3G S started lining up early outside the Cupertino-based company's stores on Thursday. The newest iPhone model goes on sale at 7AM local time on Friday, June 19.

The first shoppers started lining up at the 29th Street Crossing Apple Store in Boulder at about 4:30PM, and by 8PM the small crowd had grown to about ten shoppers ready to get their hands on a new iPhone. Heavy rain and lightning kept the crowd from growing beyond about 20 people.

Marquez Herrod and Jacqui Phenicie camped out with dinner and a bed.

Apple consultants from PEBMAC and first generation iPhone owners, Charles Holt and Melissa Ollila, were in line with plans to upgrade to the iPhone 3G S as soon as the store opens at 7AM. "After we buy our new iPhones we're off to see a client," Mr. Holt said. "This is going to be a pretty long night for us."

The late night crowd included iPhone app developers, too. Richard Grote from Snap Impact, the company that's developing the volunteer activity tracking application iVolunteer, was in line early so he could upgrade from an iPhone 3G to the new iPhone 3G S.

Charles Holt and Melissa Ollila watch the iPhone 3G S setup.

The night might be long for the group, but they have plenty to pass the time, including an Xbox 360 with Rock Band. Sound system outfitters One Button parked a car loaded with a flat panel TV, stereo and Xbox 360 outside the Apple store so everyone could play the game.

Unlike the iPhone 3G launch, Apple employee's didn't cover the store windows before setting up for the 3G S launch. The crowd on the sidewalk outside was able to watch while the store staff set up new displays, signs, and even demo iPhones.

Waiting for the iPhone 3G S with Rock Band.

Apple introduced the iPhone 3G S during its World Wide Developer Conference on June 8 in San Francisco. The new iPhone sports an auto-focusing camera, video capture and editing support, voice control, a built-in digital compass, and more.

TMO will be on location Friday morning to cover the official iPhone 3G S launch.