Short Note: iTunes 9.1 Update Renames “Applications” Tab “Apps”

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The iTunes 9.1 update released Tuesday included a small change we just noticed: The Applications tab when managing your iPhone or iPod touch is now called simply “Apps.” The change brings iTunes in sync with its own nomenclature as used in the App Store.

(It was our own Dave Hamilton that noticed the change, but he was kind enough to let this reporter look like a superstar and write the story.)

iTunes 9.1 Screenshot iTunes 9.1 Screenshot

Update: Apple also changed the listing under Library in the left-hand column to “Apps,” as well (and yes, yours truly has both many podcasts to listen to and apps to update, thank yo very much.)

iTunes Screenshot The left-hand Library listing



the podcast section was changed, contextual menu on podcasts start with play now instead of update (a change i don’t like) but mark unwatched, mark watched has been renamed and moved up the contextual menu (a change I like )
Apparently no ability to mark a whole podcast as “played”

and I miss “Update all” in the update apps section. it won’t update all if you use 2 iTunes account as it will bug you to “buy” again.


“Audiobooks” is now “books” :p


good news for apple fans. there are many folks can’t wait the ipad release day now I think. eher, Im waiting for my ipad too, and I had gathered alist of ipad apps and
games, go to ifunia ipad ‘Featured Free iPad Games’


^which brings up the question:
will ebooks bought on the itunes store be readable on your computer?

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