ShowStoppers & MacTech Team Up for DevFocus at WWDC

It will come as no surprise to long-time Mac Geek Gab listeners when I say that ShowStoppers has long put on some of my favorite events at tradeshows (and beyond). They assemble great product and app creators, put them in a room where all the booths are roughly the same size (and not over-adorned with lights and glitz) and only allow media as attendees for a 2-to-4 hour event. 

This results in a massively-efficient opportunity for us media-folk to meet with the people marketing and creating products without having to wade through attendees with other agendas. When I walk up to an in-progress conversation at ShowStoppers, there's a very good chance that whatever is being discussed is of interest to me, too. 

With all of this, I'm excited to attend a DevFocus, a WWDC-centric version of ShowStoppers, happening Sunday night, June 7th at WWDC. Yes, it overlaps with the beginning of sfMacIndie, but I think there will be plenty of time to make both work. If you're a developer, product/accessory manufacturer or otherwise someone for whom it makes sense to spend a few quality hours talking to media about your stuff at ShowStoppers, I'll see you there!