Shure Shows New USB Microphones, XLR to USB Adapter

LAS VEGAS, NV -- At the recent BlogWorld and New Media Expo, Shure was showing off some new equipment that will be of interest to both podcasters, or anyone who needs to record audio.  Dave Méndez, Market Development Specialist, briefed us on the new products.

PG27USB Side-Address Condenser Microphone

The PG27USB and PG42USB are Side-Address Condenser Microphones that connect professional-caliber Shure microphones that connect via USB with “Plug and Play” performance. The cardioid condenser microphones feature built-in headphone monitoring with Zero Latency Monitoring and Monitor Mix Control, enabling users to instantly hear what they’re recording through headphones and make adjustments.  They also feature an integrated pre-amp with Microphone Gain Control, which allows precise control of the input signal level, displayed via an LED, to prevent overload of the analog-to-digital converter.  The PG27 and PG42 are XLR counterparts to the USB models.  The PG27 series is a multi-purpose microphone, whereas the PG42 is designed for vocals.

X2U XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter

The X2U XLR-to-USB Signal Adapter connects any XLR microphone to a computer via the USB port.  It offers many of the same features as the PG27USB and PG42USB, such as Integrated pre-amp with Microphone Gain Control, Zero Latency Monitoring, Headphone Jack, Monitor Mix Control, as well as 48-volt Phantom Power for condenser microphones.

More information on the new PG microphones is available here. More information on the X2U is available here

The X2U Adapter is US$129, the PG27USB is US$199, and the PG42USB is US$249.