Silverlight 3 Adds Higher Quality Video Support

| Product News

Microsoft released Silverlight 3, the company's multimedia app for Web content, over the weekend. The new version includes support for higher quality video, including H.264 and AAC, and 720p HD video.

Version 3 also includes improved performance and GPU acceleration, and on demand IIS7 Smooth Streaming support.

New developer features include additional pixel shader effects, bitmap caching, the ability to place content on a 3D plane, spring and bounce effects, improved skin control, application theme support, deep linking in Rich Internet Applicaitons, SEO optimization, and more.

Silverlight 3 is free and requires an Intel-based Mac. It is available for download at the Microsoft Web site.

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The download page claims it is a 4mb download, when in reality it is a 9mb download. Also on the webpage go to the bottom right in the “community recognition” section, click on anything and what do you get? Page not found! Oh micro$oft, you’ve done it again.


great article, thanks..

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