Singer Lily Allen Sues Apple Over Hacked Laptop

Pop singer Lily Allen is apparently suing Apple in an attempt to force the company to help her track down who hacked into her MacBook Pro, according to TNW.

Information surrounding the alleged hacking incident are slim, and it appears that  Ms. Allen may have filed the lawsuit in High Court in the U.K. as a procedural move simply to get information on how the attack could have happened. Rumors claim she contacted Apple for help after the incident, but the company wasn’t willing to work with her.

Since there’s no information available on exactly how Ms. Allen’s laptop was compromised, it’s possible someone found and took advantage of an exploit that let them remotely access her computer. It’s also possible that the “hack” was nothing more than someone sitting at her computer and looking at files when she wasn’t in the room.

Apple hasn’t commented on the lawsuit, nor has Ms. Allen confirmed whether or not she has since changed the password on her Mac.