Sintek: No Touchscreen iMacs Here

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Following rumors that it has been testing touch sensitive displays for upcoming iMac models, Taiwan-based Sintek Photronics has denied it is working with or manufacturing the alleged devices for Apple, according to DigiTimes. A report that surfaced late last week claim Sintek was working with capacitive multitouch displays for use in the next generation iMac.

An Apple patent looks very iMac touch-like

Rumors that Apple has been working on a touchscreen-based iMac have been circulating for some time, and last week’s report seemed to add more fule to that fire. With the company’s denial, however, it seems less likely that Apple is working on bringing a touch-based iMac to market any time soon.

Considering Apple’s investment in touch-based devices, it’s plausible the company is looking into ways to effectively bring the same type of interaction users are already familiar with on the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch to the Mac product lineup. Just when such a Mac would be available is up in the air, and Apple won’t offer up any hints until it’s ready.

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If Apple does come out with a touchscreen desktop computer I’d guess they would not use the iMac name. It’s so different they would want to establish it as a new separate line.

PowerBook was dropped for MacBook
PowerMac was dropped for Macintosh Pro
Performa was dropped for iMac
iMac may be dropped for ???

iOSus? (pronounced ‘isus’)
iKiosk? (pronounced ‘ikea-sk’)

Lee Dronick

Geoduck don’t forget that they also dropped the iBook name.

PowerTouch Mac
TurboTouch Mac


That’s right
Powerbook was dropped for MacBook Pro
iBook was dropped for MacBook


I like MacTouch

How about MacinTouch?
Oh wait, I guess that’s being used. OTOH if someone could sell their $188k house to Apple for $1.7 mil maybe the owners of would be willing to deal.

Lee Dronick


From the fingerprints smile

Ross Edwards

Ugh, please no.  Reaching one’s finger into the monitor space just murders mental workflow.

Leave the touchscreens for gadgets and media readers.  Keyboards and touchpads (a la Magic Mouse or Wacom or what have you) is where the heavy lifting gets done.

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