Siri: Asking for Sports Statistics

Hey, guys! It’s baseball season, so you know what that means—I’m gonna write a tip about fun sports info you can get from Siri! Wait, you didn’t know to expect that when baseball season started? Well, let this be a lesson to you. Your penance shall be one stadium hot dog and beer, so that’ll be $27.

Anyway, you may have known that you can get sports data from Siri by saying things like, “What are the baseball standings?” or “Did the Rockies win last night?” One of my favorite features, though, is being able to find out what time the games start.

Another fun thing you can do is use Siri to get way, way more detailed stats. For example, you can ask for all sorts of statistics by team:

Or by player:

And just for fun (and as with most celebrities), you can also ask Siri for certain personal information about players:

Hey, maybe that’s relevant to your life in some non-stalkerish kind of way.

I gotta admit that if there’s a question that I have about sports or science, I almost always ask Siri first to test the limits of its knowledge. It’s so much faster than getting the information out of my Web browser, and I’m OK with looking like a bit of a dork when I do it. Gotta be who you are, I say.