Siri Can Be Your Very Own Pokémon Pokédex - Here's How

Hey Pokémon fans, it turns out you've been walking around with your very own Pokédex in your pocket, and it answers to the name Siri. Data collection masters Wolfram|Alpha have added 649 Pokémon cards to its databases (as noted by TUAW), which means that you can use Siri to call up details about those cards just by asking.

Siri already had the ability to check Wikipedia for Pokémon information, and if you ask Siri something like, "What can you tell me about Pokémon," or about a specific Pokémon card, she would pull up the Wikipedia entry automatically.

Now that Wolfram|Alpha have added these 649 cards, you can instead ask Siri to "Search WolframAlpha for [name of card]." Note that you don't need to use the pipe that is officially part of the Wolfram|Alpha name when asking Siri to search it.

When you do, you get something like this:

Pokemon on Siri

Pikachu! I see you!

Siri shows a multiscreen display of information, including basic properties, physical characteristics, statistics, an image of the character, and an "associated plane curve." Note that in my testing, Siri correctly interpreted my request as "Pikachu," rather than "peek at you," which is all I personally hear with that character's name.

If you're not familiar with a Pokédex, check out the Bulpapedia Pokémon wiki entry on it.

In the meanwhile, I'll be patiently waiting for Wolfram|Alpha to add the NetRunner cards...