Siri, Turn on My Lights: Philips Hue gets HomeKit Support

Philips is finally on board with Apple's HomeKit platform thanks to a new version of its Hue LED light hub. The new model works just like the original version, but adds in Siri voice control support and Apple's required HomeKit security features.

The new HomeKit-ready Philips Hue BridgeThe new HomeKit-ready Philips Hue Bridge

The new Hue Bridge hub will be easy to tell apart from the non-HomeKit version because it's square instead of round. It supports all of the lights in Philips' Hue product line, so you won't have to worry about replacing any bulbs.

Philips' original Hue smartlight hub isn't upgradable which means if you want HomeKit support you'll have to buy the new model. Swapping it out won't be much of a hassle, and you'll get voice control support. If you aren't excited about upgrading, that's OK, because Philips said it'll continue to support the original model.

The company said the new Hue Bridge also supports Nest's Weave unified home automation platform.

Philips was one of the original HomeKit partners when the platform was first shown off in 2014, but until now hasn't offered any products that tie in to Apple's home automation system. The company reaffirmed its commitment earlier this year, and one retailer backed that up recently by accidentally showing off the new hub too early.

Hue users that've been waiting impatiently for can order the new hub for US$39.99, and for everyone else it'll cost $59.99. Current Hue users can order their discounted Hue Bridge starting Tuesday, October 6, from the Philips website.