Skydda Design Offers Hardwood Cases for iPhone 3G/3GS

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Skydda Design announced Wednesday the release of a new line of hardwood cases for your iPhone 3G and 3GS. The company is introducing the TradCase in Walnut, Cherry, and Teak, and the TradDuo in Maple and Walnut or Maple and Cherry combination.

The company said each case is carved from a single block of wood, and then polished by hand to a stain finish. Because they are made from real wood, each case is effectively unique due to the differences in color and wood grain.

Each case has wooden buttons for controlling the volume and on/off switch on the iPhone, and the cases have holes carved out for the camera, earphone jack, Dock port, and ringer switch.

The TradCase is priced at US$44.95, and the TradDuo is priced at $54.95, though both prices are being billed as “introductory.”

TradCase Teak back
The TradCase Teak case from the back

TradCase Teak from the front and side The TradCase Teak case from the front and side



That would go perfectly with my wife’s wooden purse.

Lee Dronick

They look nice. I wonder if they don’t have a gloss varnish finish then they probably have a natural non-slip texture.


nock on wood


I ordered one of these cases and just received it in the mail today. It shipped from Florida and the shipping time was very quick. Upon receipt of the case, it is certainly not as advertised on their site. First, it’s nearly impossible to access the ring/silent switch in the case…the wood is too thick to get a finger in to flip it. The wood on the back of the case had wood filler putty showing. The wooden button to operate the sleep/wake button presses down on the phone’s sleep/wake button at all times, causing the phone to randomly sleep & wake without being touched. In 2 or 3 places on the case, the wood was dented/dinged, and the finish on the wood was flaking off in spots. I’m currently trying to return the case, but am unable to reach the company. Caveat emptor.


robbmajor, thats not good to hear. I ordered one on the 25th. Got a paypal posting notice but tracking hasn’t seen it move yet. Hearing this from you has me worried. Did you get a singlewood or multiwood version? Did you get onto them?


they are available at

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