Skype Goes Down, Uses Twitter to Tell World [Update]

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For some reason this seemed sort of ironic, or at least amusing to us: Skype is down, and the VoIP/Text/Video/Audio chat service used Twitter to tell the world. Even if you find it to be neither, we know many of our readers use the service, and thus it seemed important to pass it on: Skype is down, and the company is trying to find out why.

The company said via its official Skype Twitter account on Wednesday, “Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype – we’re investigating, and we’re sorry for the disruption to your conversations.”

Out another way:

Skype, Via Twitter

In the meanwhile, we’ll update this article when Skype comes back up again.

[Update: Skype appears to be back up again. We say “appears,” because though we can log on to Skype, Twitter is now down, and thus Skype has no way of telling us… - Editor]

[Update to the update: All is right with the world, because Twitter is also back up. We know this because Skype tweeted that it is working again. Hoorah! - Editor]

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Connor P

Erm, I think in some of the places you said Skype when you meant to say Twitter.

Connor P


Why didn’t they just post in on their wall? smile


Erm, I think in some of the places you said Skype when you meant to say Twitter.

Yeah, although it’s ironic either way it actually happened.

If they used twitter to tell people that Skype was down, then it’s ironic that they are using another company’s service to tell their service is down.

If the used Skype to tell people that Skype is down, then it’s ironic that they are telling people they can’t log into Skype because it is down (and thus can’t see the message that it’s down).


Bryan Chaffin

Erm, I think in some of the places you said Skype when you meant to say Twitter.


Thanks for the note. I edited it to both correct the mistake and to make another instance more clear. Or at least I hope that’s what I did! smile

Thanks for the note!


“Eat, drink, be merry and call friends and family with Skype’s one month of free calling.”
Posted 3 hours ago

“Some of you may have problems signing in to Skype ? we?re investigating, and we?re sorry for the disruption to your conversations”
Posted 2 hours ago

Maybe people got a little too merry?

David Nelson

FYI the typo is still appearing in the summary in Google Reader. Maybe you’ve fixed it and Google Reader is just caching an old version… but just so you know…

LA Guru

Still not working!!


You know I don’t think that word means what you think it does…


I’m not really sure why this would be humorous. Should they have used Skype to let the Skype users know that Skype was down?

Skype allows people to hold conversations with each other on a personal level. Twitter is meant to allow a person to send short messages to a very large amount of people. Twitter is no more of a competitor to Skype than Facebook is; they’re completely different tools.

To me it seems like a completely appropriate use of technology.

m. zeeshan tariq

I am from Pakistan and the ironic part is, the skype is still down and I cannot login. the time is 2:00 AM PST i.e. GMT +5. the skype is still not letting me login…

vivek sirohi

and still it is down. thanks twitter n merry christmas


Skype not up everywhere yet…still unable to log in on our end

it's dead

It’s dead Jim.

Skype is up? derp, no, it isn’t

I’m in their home country mere kilometers from their offices, and can’t login to skype. Their website is dead too.

So much for that


Still down 4:50 EST


Im in Austria and it is still not working, neither the ipad app or the webpage login.

Also checked in remote computers in Mexico and US and still not allowed to login


Not working here yet. Need it today as well.

Not in Kansas!

Still down in kanasas…10pm central.


FInally back up again after how many “shortly” hours??? 12?


Still down in Australia.It comes back and goes out again…keeping my fingers crossed for it to recover…


Greetings from Malta, where it’s 13.14 local on 23 December and still not up…


I never, ever add comments to these types of boards because I’ll never see the replies. Here too, I only came for information about the Skype outage and don’t need to come back so I won’t see any replies to my post.

However, in an effort to make the world a better place, I feel compelled to point out that none of you seem to know what the word ‘ironic’ means.

Please, do yourselves a favor and look up the meaning in your favorite dictionary before you continue to use it. Certainly, Skype using Twitter to alert their users is amusing, but there’s nothing ironic about it whatsoever.


When I started using Skype there were usually less than 2 million people on-line. Now it’s around 18 million. Not surprising it groans a little sometimes.

But now I can use FaceTime. It works really well. And one day I will be able to say - I started using FaceTime when I knew only 4 or 5 people I could call.

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