Skype Outage Impacts Users Around the World

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Skype users around the world began having issues logging into and using the online chat service early Thursday morning, preventing many from staying connected to the service, or using voice and text chat features. The company said it is working on the problem, and offered a temporary fix for Mac, Linux and Windows users.

SkypeCan you hear me now?

Mac users that can’t access Skype’s services should quit the Skype application, then delete the shared.xml file in <you home directory>/Library/Application Support/Skype. Skype’s services should be available once the application is relaunched.

Skype doesn’t have any details available yet on exactly what went wrong, nor has the company said when it expects services to return to normal.

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Boy, instruction for a user to fix a program like delete—shared.xml file in <you home directory>/Library/Application Support/Skype—take me back 30 years to the days of DOS.

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