Skype Update Adds New Video Chat Features

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Skype released Skype 5.2 for Mac OS X on Monday. The update for the online text, audio and video chat application added a new video chat control bar, along with group screen sharing.

New Skype video controlsSkype’s new video chat control bar

Version 5.2 lets users participate in video chats even when the main app window is minimized, complete with mute and hangup options. Skype Premium users can now share screens for presentations in group video chats, too.

The Skype app for the Mac is free and available for download at the Skype Web site. Skype Premium subscriptions are priced starting at US$4.49 a month.

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Meh. If I minimize the app I probably don’t want to see it at the moment. Unless I’m doing screen sharing + video conf. at the same time. I assume you can do that?

I was not aware of Skype Premium accounts.  Looks like the higher end ones give you free US&Canada; calls, which could be nice.  Both the main feature otherwise is just group video chat.  You can get that for free with iChat, and it’s been there for years.  I use it all the time with family members.  The only reason to use Skype vs. iChat is when you have non-Mac users in the group.

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