Skypecap 2.0 Adds Auto-Record to Skype Recording Utility

SkypeCap announced the release of new versions of SkypeCap, a utility that allows Skype users to record video/audio calls, on Thursday. SkypeCap for Mac 2.0 adds several new features including an auto-record option.

The Mac OS X version for SkypeCap allows recording Skype audio calls and saving them as MP4 files, which can be replayed, shared or archived. New features include:

  • Auto Record Option
  • Start and stop recording any time
  • Time Lapse indicator
  • Adjustable Sample Rate control
  • Output Folder location control
  • Compact file format – MP4
  • Record privately

A single-user license costs US49.95 USD and can be purchased from SkypeCap.

SkypeCap Screen Shot