SleepTracker Adds Analytics Support for the Mac

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Innovative Sleep Solutions announced the immediate availability of SleepTracker Analytics for SleepTracker Elite users on Tuesday. The service lets SleepTracker Elite users upload their sleep data through a Mac-based app to the SleepTracker Analytics service.

SleepTracker EliteThe SleepTracker Elite sleep monitor watch

SleepTracker Analytics monitors when users go to sleep, how long and how well they slept, light versus deep sleep phases, total sleep time, and more. Users can also view their sleep habits over time and add details about their daily activities.

The SleepTracker Elite watch monitors your sleep patterns, and can wake you up at the optimum time based on how deeply you’re sleeping. According to Innovative Sleep Solutions, SleepTracker Elite’s accurace level is within 95 percent of clinic-based professional sleep monitors.

SleepTracker Elite is available in black or white for US$149. The SleepTracker Analytics service is free for SleepTracker Elite users.



Have any of you (MacObserver staff or readers) tried this?

If so, what were your impressions?

Dave Hamilton

We haven’t, but I believe Jeff Gamet has one en route for review, and he’ll be posting about it on TMO here once he’s finished his test.

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