Smartphone-Assisted Halloween Masks

I have a Halloween costume that involves your iPhone (or Android device, if that's your thing) that is so awesome, you will forgive my obliterating your carefully planned and super topical Sexy Ebola Containment Suit costume. Instead, check out the smartphone enhanced masks over at Digital Dudz.



These are masks that come with a pocket for a smartphone to level up your look. Download a free companion app for your iOS or Android phone, and your smartphone becomes a roving eye. They look creepy and amazing, and they run about US $45, with a small charge for shipping to get it delivered by the 31st.

iPhone In

Zombies, cyclops, cyborgs, creepy clowns—these masks all come alive with help from your smartphone, and they're designed so cleverly, no one is going to think you have an iPhone tucked into your face.


Where's the iPhone?

There are also full costumes that integrate phone screens too, if you're interested in being a Facebook page (the likes keep ticking up) or a boom box (with the rotating cassette tape reels). And if Halloween isn't for you, you can pick up a Christmas sweater where your phone supplies the fireplace.

When I get excited about the possibilities of new technology, it's because of exactly this kind of thing. Someone thought this would be a fun way to use a phone, and now everybody can. I love the other ideas too, some of the Halloween ones are creepy but would look super awesome. And if ever there was a way to level up a Christmas sweater, these guys have found it.

Check out their promo video for a look at all their costumes.

Thanks to Melissa Davis for the link (via Gizmodo).