SMC Firmware Update 1.3 Adjusts MacBook Pro Fans

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Apple released MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update 1.3 on Thursday. According to Apple's release notes, the update "adjusts the fan behavior in MacBook Pro systems (15-inch and 17-inch) when running under high workload conditions."

Like other firmware updaters, MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Updater 1.3 installs as an application in /Applications/Utilities. The application must be launched before the update process will complete.

The update requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or 10.5.7. It is free and available via Apple's Software Update application, or as a downloadable installer from the Apple Support Web site.

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Hopefully this will mean the fans won’t rev up to 6000 RPM at the slightest use of the processors as it does now.

Dylan Combs

I’m amazed that was ever a problem… I expect better from apple. They rape your wallet, i expect better products with good performance.

There isnt room for little mess ups like fan speeds etc…

John F. Braun

The fans went on full blast during the update, but are back to normal.  I noticed my screen get brighter after the update (looked like another color profile was selected) but as soon as I brought up the Display System Preference, not even choosing anything, my screen went back to normal.


> There isn’t room for little mess ups like fan speeds etc?

Yeah, Dylan. Apple would be far better served by migrating to Windows for their hardware OS. That would definitely take care of any whining about fan problems.


Wonder why my computer doesn’t need it (the updater told me so) - Macbook Pro 15” - Aluminum, 2.53 ghz


I?m amazed that was ever a problem? I expect better from apple. They rape your wallet, i expect better products with good performance.

Buying Apple is a choice.  If you can afford Apple, then you realize that you have saved enough money or are affluent enough to choose to buy the best products.  And Apple’s products clearly are. 

Apple’s continued efforts to improve its products through updates is like Lexus’ search for perfection.  Other manufacturers don’t care as much and leave you with crap.  It is the consumers choice. 

Apple is not forcing you to buy their product - at all.  Go ahead, choose Windows or Linux if you want and enjoy it.


Take care, this SMC Firware update 1.3 is killing MacBooks. There a discussion forum at Apple about this. (
If the worst happens to you (like it happened to me), be aware that there is no solution at the moment, except a new logical board…(700?).
This is Apple becoming a Microsoft clone…

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