Smile Launches ‘Get A Little, Give A Lot Promotion’ with PDFpen, PDFpenPro

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Smile, the company behind PDFpen and TextExpander, has announced a really cool promotion for PDFpen and PDFpenPro involving nonprofits. We learned via Katie Floyd of Mac Power Users that from June 9-15, not only are PDFpen and PDFpenPro 20 percent off, but Smile is going to donate the same license to the nonprofit of the purchaser's choosing.

PDFpen in action with edits, comments, and notation.

PDFpen is a handy app for managing PDFs, whether it's highlighting or other basic edits, or signing a document without the additional steps of Print/Sign/Scan/Email. It also includes OCR and saving directly to Evernote, and…oh I'll let Smile tell you about it. Truly a handy tool in one's arsenal, to be sure. And if you pick up the iOS version it gets even better since cloud syncing gives you access to all those documents whichever screen you have in front of you.

Sales from Smile are not common anyway, so then to add a free copy for your favorite cause makes it even better. Full price is US$59.95 for PDFpen, and $99.95 for PDFpenPro. On sale they are $47.96 and $79.96, respectively. There is a free trial available as well if you want to kick the tires a bit before you buy.

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On top of my huge Smile fandom, this is just a great thing to do. I love the idea of donating a copy to a nonprofit and then maybe donating a little time to help them use it as part of their workflow. This is also another really wonderful thing that the Mac App Store has zero capacity to do. I get why and all, but if this was a MAS-only app, there's no way this promotion would be possible. Anyway, PDFpen is such a great app, if you don't have it already, pick it up if you deal with a lot of PDFs and you will wonder how you ever got by without it. 

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