SOHO Organizer 9 Improves MobileMe, CalDAV Support

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Chronos announced the immediate availability of SOHO Organizer 9 and SOHO Notes 9 on Friday. The updated version of SOHO Organizer added one-step setup support for integrating with MobileMe, along with offline support for CalDAV and CardDAV content.

SOHO Organizer 9 also added CardDAV contact sharing, nested smart groups in contacts, Calendar group support, the ability to scroll through weeks by day or week, a duplicate checker, postal code lookup support, the ability to archive events and tasks, and more.

SOHO Organizer 9

SOHO Notes 9 added a wide screen view, support for bookmarklets, geotag support, better NoteLife syncing, and more.

SOHO Organizer 9 is priced at US$99.99 with upgrades from earlier versions at $49.99. SOHO Notes 9 costs $39.99 and upgrades from earlier versions are $25.

Both are available at the Chronos Web site.

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This LOOKS like a really good product.
The artwork is very Applish and the functionality is decent.
Big But.
ChronosNet has been dinged for poor support for many years. Their knowledgebase is a joke.
While response to technical questions is quick, there is no user-to-user forum.


I can’t speak about the current product, but I do agree with davebarnes.  They had a loyal following for years with their early organizer and Sticky notes programs, but then they rewrote them from the ground up, switched database types, rushed the products to market and then shut down the user to user forums when they started getting a lot of criticism.

I lost data, spent hours digging all the files installed on my system out and will never ever go back to them.  Too bad to, they for many years made some of my favorite programs.


I regretfully agree with the 2above posts. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to find anything that has the same combination of local syncing (not through a 3rd party site) and it’s otheR features. If someone can point me to one I would change. Must have an iPad version too.  Chronos STILL hasn’t come out with an iPad version. I think they’er waiting for iPad 3.

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