Song Summoner, Amateur Surgeon Arrive at App Store; Dragon’s Lair on the Way

Square Enix has released an iPhone version of its clickwheel iPod game Song Summoner: Unsung Heroes, while Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim has issued Amateur Surgeon Christmas, a free follow-up to the already-available Amateur Surgeon. In addition, EA has revealed screenshots for its upcoming port of the classic animated arcade game Dragon’s Lair.

Song Sumoner: Unsung Heroes – Encore (US$9.99) is an expanded version of the game published for clickwheel iPods in July 2008.  It’s a tactical RPG in which players assume the role of Ziggy, a Song Summoner battling the Mechanical Militia with more than 50 types of Tune Troopers created by players. The Tune Troopers are based on songs in the music library on the player’s iPod touch or iPhone, and they increase in strength when players listen to those selections, even when not playing the game.

Amateur Surgeon Christmas takes place a decade after the original, as hotshot surgeon Alan Probe finds himself at the North Pole after his private jet collides with a flying reindeer. He must operate on the wounded with tools from the elves’ workshop so Santa can make his rounds.

Finally, Dragon’s Lair promises to be a faithful recreation of the 80s arcade game featuring animation by Don Bluth. Players guide Dirk the Daring through a wizard’s castle in a quest to save Princess Daphne from the clutches of the dragon Singe. They must choose which way to move, or when to use Dirk’s sword, at just the right moment to advance through various confrontations. The game will be released later this month.