Sonic Solutions Buys Retrospect

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The popular data backup and recovery utility Retrospect is changing hands again, this time moving from EMC to Sonic Solutions, the same company that owns the Roxio CD and DVD authoring tools. Retrospect will take up shop under the Roxio name, and Sonic Solutions says there won’t be any disruption in product development or support.

The purchase was made on May 18, and Roxio said in a statement that it “is responsible for all aspects of the Retrospect product line and business going forward.”

Roxio is well known for its Toast Titanium CD and DVD authoring application, as well as its Popcord home DVD duplicating utility. Sonic Solutions apparently doesn’t have any plans to change the Retrospect development path, so users should expect to see the usual updates and upgrades in the future.

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It doesn’t matter to me who buys Retrospect.  When they abandoned their old file format, they convinced me that they had lost all credibility as a long-term backup solution.


This could be good, or it could be a complete disaster. At least EMC has a good name in storage & backups. Roxio? Not so much…


This is a VERY good move.

Sonic actually knows how to manage software development for desktop and creative-content markets.

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