Sonos Unveils PLAYBAR Home Theater Speaker System

Wireless speaker system maker Sonos officially introduced its new PLAYBAR on Tuesday, adding home theater support to its product lineup. The PLAYBAR is a wireless speaker bar with stereo and simulated surround sound support designed for music and movie playback.

The new Sonos Playbar home theater systemThe new Sonos Playbar home theater system

The PLAYBAR includes nine built-in speakers, connects to your existing Sonos system wirelessly, includes an optical input, and can stream content from services such as Spotify, Pandora, and Rhapsody. It also supports using other Sonos speakers to create true surround sound, and works with the company's wireless subwoofer, too.

Like other Sonos products, the PLAYBAR can be controlled through the company's iPhone and iPad apps.

The Sonos PLAYBAR is prices at US$699 and is expected to ship on March 5.