Sonos Announces Twitter Support for Sonos Controllers

Sonos announced Friday that the company was integrating support for Twitter into its controllers. The company said that with the new support, users will have the ability to Tweet the name and artist of the song they are listening to with one click directly from their Sonos controller.

Users will also be able to edit or add to the post, again through their controller, and each household system can support up to five different Twitter accounts.

Sonos is a system that provides remote playing of your digital musical library anywhere in your home (or office), and the system includes Internet radio stations and other music services. Sonos System Software 3.1 is currently in beta, and Twitter support is beginning with Sonos Controller 200. Sonos Controller for iPhone, Mac, and PC will be coming later this year.

The company said the updated software will be released to the public in the Fall of 2009, and that it will be free to Sonos customers. Sonos Controller 200 retails for $349. Sonos Players start at $349. Sonos Controller for iPhone is free (it requires a Sonos Player).

Sonos Controller 200
Sonos Controller 200