Sony Securing Rights to Steve Jobs Movie

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Sony Pictures is looking to produce a movie from the soon-to-be-released biography titled Steve Jobs. The book, written by Walter Isaacson, is now scheduled to hit the shelves, both physical and virtual, on October 24.

Sony Pictures Buys Rights for Steve Jobs

Film School Rejects reports that Mark Gordon will be the producer. Sony has recently had a string of hits based on biographies, including The Social Network and Moneyball. Given the world’s reaction to Mr. Jobs passing, this movie would surely extend that string.

The biography was authorized by Mr. Jobs and it has been reported that the extremely private man gave permission so that his children would know him better. Pre-orders for the book have seen sales rise meteorically in the days following his death. The author is the last person to have interviewed Mr. Jobs before his passing.

No release date, cast, or crew have been mentioned yet for the movie. contributed to some images in this article.

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Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Small point: Moneyball and The Accidental Billionaires were hardly “bioographies”.

It’s kind of weird how, in the wake of Jobs’ death, some commercial things, like opening iPhone 4S weekend, promoting pre-orders of his authorized biography (I’m looking at you B&N) and securing movie rights are perfectly OK, while launching a competing phone a week later (Googs and Sammie) would have seemed a little crass.

I am quite curious if Isaacson’s biography or the Sony movie will paint a balanced picture. Jobs dished out a lot of hurt. The lucky many of us who ever ended up in the direct line of fire know his pattern of gratuitous, overblown, and fact-challenged ranting. We also know that there’s no arguing the facts after he changed them, because his fans just believed what he said, usually uncritically and often with no knowledge or ability to evaluate. Whenever the lies became clear (see that first clip and remember that he put a bullet through AppleScript at the same time), well, Steve was lying for us, damnit!

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