Sony Signs Woz as Jobs Bio-pic Consultant

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has been hired by Sony to serve as a consultant for the movie version of the official Steve Jobs biography. Woz will offer his perspective on Steve Jobs, and his technical expertise on computers, according to Reuters.

Steve Wozniak to work as consultant on Steve Jobs movieSteve Wozniak to work as consultant on Steve Jobs movie

The Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson is the only official book on the Apple co-founder’s life, and Sony purchased the film rights before the project was finished and on store shelves.

The movie adaptation will be written by Aaron Sorkin. Mr. Sorkin is well known for his movies “Social Network,” and “Moneyball,” as well as his TV series “West Wing.”

Mr. Sorkin doesn’t know exactly how the movie adaptation will fit together, although he knows the story won’t be told in traditional biography style.

“I know so little about what I am going to write. I know what I am not going to write,” he said. “It can’t be a straight ahead biography because it’s very difficult to shake the cradle-to-grave structure of a biography.”