South Korea iPhone Sales Top 2 Million

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Sales of Apple’s iPhone in South Korea have topped the 2 million mark, including just over a million iPhone 45 units. The iPhone was introduced in the country in November 2009 and has been available through Apple cell service partner KT.

South Korea iPhone Sales hit 2 million

KT representatives said the company sold some 977,000 iPhone 3GS units, and 1.03 million iPhone 4 units, according to Trading Markets. iPhone 4 activations are coming in at about 8,000 a day in South Korea.

The smartphone market in the country for 2010 was estimated at about 6.1 million users, and is expected to jump up to 16.2 million users this year.

“The achievement is the result of the combination of the iPhone’s outstanding product quality and KT’s networks, subscription plans and services,” commented KT’s Mobile Business Group president, Pyo Hyun-myung.



just over a million iPhone 45 units…

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