Speck Introduces 2 New Case Colors For MacBooks

Speck introduced two new Spring colors to their line of SeeThru Satin hard shell cases for MacBooks on Monday. Hot Pink and High Noon Yellow cases are now available for the new aluminum unibody 13” MacBook and 15” MacBook Pro notebooks.

SeeThru Satin hard shell cases are designed to protect MacBooks using a smooth-to-the-touch rubberized exterior finish. This design provides extra grip and durability to the MacBook exterior. The cases consist of an easy-on/off two-piece hard shell design that shields the notebook from scratches and bumps while still providing access to all key features and functions including side battery status check button, trackpad, keyboard and all connection ports.

The SeeThru Satin cases now come in Hot Pink, High Noon Yellow, Black, Purple and Red. The SeeThru Satin is priced at US$49.95 and is available at Apple stores and online at the Speck Web site.

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